Dear friends

I write this from the Rectory which is in self-isolation we have symptoms of Coronavirus within our household. I am experiencing the new normal which feels very different from just a few weeks ago. The things that I took for granted like watching football, going to the pub or going to worship in my local church have suddenly disappeared.

With the shaking effect of so many uncertainties I take increasing comfort in my faith which is described in the Bible as a sure and certain hope. We don’t know what the future holds but we know who holds the future. One of my favourite hymns has a chorus with the words “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all else is sinking sand”. My experience is that his presence is sufficient to turn the fear to faith and that His light shines brightest when the situation is at its darkest.

We are also in the season of Easter where we experience both death and resurrection. After the darkness of Good Friday comes the light of Easter Sunday.

I wonder if this time of uncertainty there might be a similar feel. There is certainly fear and anxiety and death. The death might not be physical but of many things we cherish. However, could out of all this come a kind of resurrection? My prayer is for our village that we find new ways of being, new ways of loving our neighbours, new ways of being attentive towards one another, new ways of living that are less frantic and frenzied.

If that did happen then we could talk about resurrection and new life.

St Anne’s is open for prayer and reflection every day during the daylight hours. There are also prayers being said everyday in church where our village will be upheld in prayer.

God bless

Mike Gilbert, Rector

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