Summer Festival Singers


As part of the Summer festival a fantastic afternoon was had by a group of aspiring singers who came together in the Church to brush up on singing techniques and perform “One Day More” – a part of the well-known musical  “Les Miserables”.

The group was a real mix, including some professional singers as well as “gifted” amateurs. No experience was necessary and everyone had a chance to be a part of the performance with which we concluded the afternoon. After some ice-breaking, and confidence building exercises, led by the amazing Debbie Norman, we were eased in gently by singing some simple rounds in groups. This gave everyone a chance to sing without fear – just as well when we realised what we had signed up to in the performance piece!

It was a wonderful afternoon – and the picture shows the group enloying themselves, even after 3 hours solid singing!




Burn’s Night in the village hall was a real hoot! The hall was filled with excited locals who had their expectations met the moment they arrived and were piped into the hall. The front cover this month illustrates the Piper’s efforts, resplendent in full tartan, as he greeted guests.


Master of Ceremonies, Bill Campbell - wearing a magnificent kilt - steered the gathering to the climax. I am not sure whether this was the toast to Rabbie Burns, the presentation of the haggis, the supper itself, or the dancing which followed, dependent on your own preference. Bill was superbly aided in his task by Translator Extraordinaire, Mike Woffenden who, sporting a fine tailed coat and top hat, superbly helped the gathering understand what Bill was on about.

A great night, for which you want to make sure you have tickets, should it be repeated next year.

David Upton

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