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What we believe

We believe there is a God who is a good Father to us, who made the whole of the universe and ourselves in his image.

This planet is a place of wonder and beauty, though marred by human evil and greed that goodness shines through.

We believe this is because the creator of this world and all other worlds is God who is limitless in his power, creativity, love and goodness.

The scriptures also teach us that we are made in his image and that he is like a father to us.

We believe that God showed us that goodness when he sent Jesus into this world whom lived and died showing that goodness to the world. He proved that he was God when he rose from the dead.

Though we humans had rebelled against God He did not give up on the human race but came to earth as a human being born into an ordinary family 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. By his life full of love and goodness he showed all of humanity what it was to be fully human. He went about healing people, helping people and teaching them that God’s kingdom was near. Though his message was one of love, the authorities considered him a threat and executed him by crucifixion.

He died on Good Friday, was buried but on the Sunday rose again proving that he was God and that he had power over sin and death. Christians believe that this death was no accident but that Jesus willingly allowed this to happen so that he could take all of humanity’s sin, hate and failure on to himself so that we would not have to suffer the consequences of our sin. He died so that we might be free from our wrong and forgiven by God.

We believe that God is still active in this world through His Holy Spirit who shows us God, leads us into truth and fills us with God’s love and goodness.

After Jesus went back to heaven God sent the Holy Spirit on to Jesus’ disciples at the feast of Pentecost in Jerusalem. This power enabled them to live lives of holy joy and love. They were so full of the Holy Spirit that they did many amazing things as they told others of the good news of Jesus. This Holy Spirit is still available to all followers of Jesus who wish to receive this power.

We believe that the church is a place where all are welcome. It is the people of God here on earth who have found their hope in God and have been rescued by Jesus.

For two thousand years the followers of Jesus have come together to read the bible, to pray together, to share communion and encourage one another. The Church is far from perfect but as we come together it helps us to be more faithful followers of Jesus, to challenge injustice and oppression in the world and to show God’s love in faith and action as we look for the completion of what He started, the coming of God’s Kingdom.

How can I know more?

Come and see. We do want to help you understand why the Lord Jesus Christ wants to be as central to you as he is to us. In the end God won't force you. We won't force you. It's down to you. Remember deciding to search for God (or not to) is the most important decision you will ever take! So please don't say ‘no' to Him.

Bryan Appleyard, writer, describing the 20th century:

‘First, the bad news: the 20th century has been the worst in human history ... The facts are plain. Thanks to ... Mao Tse-tung, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot, our age has been more systematically cruel and murderous than any other.... . ... nobody can ignore the fact that the cruellest era in history was also the first to deny the existence of an external moral force. ... The question ... therefore, is: if, without an external moral law, we descend into barbarism ... what can we do to stop the long nightmare of the 20th century from spilling over into the 21st?' (Sunday Times, 24 October 1999)

Rhidian Brooke, novelist, describing his meeting with other Christians at a very low point in his life:

‘For them the Gospel wasn't a prose poem, a fine methaphor, a philosophical meditation or a once-a-year top-up. It was the real thing. And I could see the connection between them believing it and being able to live it; the connection between the joy and peace in them and what the Gospel had told me.'

Rhidian then tells of the consequences of his beginning a relationship with Jesus:

'And the peace I felt when I recognized Him was my proof; the guarantee of His reality.' (Daily Telegraph, 27 March 1999)

Jesus, the Son of God, describing His Father's love for us:

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.' (John 3: 16)