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We would like you to feel totally welcome at St Anne's Church.

To make you feel at home if you decide to join us one Sunday, here’s a brief guide to the way we do things.

Services are normally as follows: 

First Sunday  Prayer & Praise at 9.45am
Second Sunday      Holy Communion at 9.45am
Third Sunday   All Age Worship at 9.30am
   Evensong at 6.30pm
Fourth Sunday  Choral Holy Communion at 9.45am

Midweek Communion is held each Wednesday at 10.00am (Prayer Book) 

Please refer to the Calendar for up to date information and schedule of services.

We use traditional hymn books and the order of Service is set out in a Service Sheet, which will be handed to you by one of our Sidespersons who will greet you when you arrive.

There are no allocated seats, so please feel free to sit anywhere you feel comfortable among the congregation. If you’ve got children, they are also very welcome. There is a play area at the back of the Church with toys and crafts so if you’ve got a baby or toddler you may prefer to sit near this area during the Service. There is also a toilet at the rear of the Church if nature calls.

Do stay and enjoy tea and coffee with us after the service but if you prefer to quietly slip away, please feel free to do so.