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About us

Who's Who


Rev. Mike Gilbert 

The Church Office

01433 630930






Dave Dalby 


01629 813244




Mike Woffenden


Bill Campbell 


 Other Parochial Church Council (PCC) Members


Claire de la Haye


Dr Heather Elphick


John Trevarick


Richard Nicholson

Ast. Churchwarden

Matt Hartley

Ast. Churchwarden

David Upton


Sue Campbell


Jane Dalby





Support Team


June Powell


Anne Tempest








Want to join our team?

Volunteers are regularly sought for the coffee rota, the flower rota and the church locking-up rota. 

Even if you are unable to attend services regularly on a Sunday, because of work or family commitments for example, but would like to assist in the running of St Anne’s Church, please contact us by following this link >