Patronage Scheme

Five Yearly Inspection

Every 5 years we must have our church property inspected by an independent architect whose role it is to ensure the longevity of the fabric of the building. In addition to this the architect looks at the procedure and practices that we follow in carrying out our responsibilities. St Anne’s has just received the report from the architect from his survey at the end of last year. The document is very detailed and 46 pages long so this is a summary of the main findings.

His summary states that “The church is diligently maintained and is in a generally very good condition. There have been water penetration issues which appear to be associated with blockages of gutters and downpipes. These have been addressed but it is essential that regular maintenance is carried out to ensure the gutters and rainwater goods remain clear of debris. The item of most concern is the plant growth to the southwest corner of the base of the spire and the deterioration of the stonework of the lucarnes surrounding the bell chamber openings. If left unattended the condition of these elements could deteriorate rapidly.”

The architect adds that “There are no immediate issues that would lead to questioning the future sustainability of the church”. Contained within the report are four action lists under the following headings;

1. Works recommended to be carried out as soon as possible.

2. Works recommended to be carried out within the next year.

3. Works recommended to be carried out within two years.

4. Works recommended to be carried out within five years.

We now have to draw up our Action Plan and start to tick off the list of recommended work. We are only able to do this with your continued support. The Patronage Scheme is vital if we are to keep St Anne’s at its present high level of maintenance. If you wish to join this scheme and would like to know more please contact Richard Powell on 01246 583375. This scheme was introduced some 22 years ago and during that time has raised in excess of £100,000. It is because of this that we are able to keep on top of the recommended tasks.

If you would like to read the Architect’s Report please do contact either Richard Powell, or Bill Campbell on 01246 582512, to borrow a copy.

What is the Patronage Scheme?

This is an opportunity for everyone in Baslow and beyond to keep St Anne's Church alive and open within the village for the use and appreciation of everyone. Even if you don’t attend church you will nevertheless agree that St Anne's Church is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family for baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

We are asking for YOUR financial help to support the practical, ongoing costs of running and maintaining the building to avoid it falling into disrepair. The Patronage Scheme is a way for everyone to contribute to maintaining the church for future generations.

How will my money be used?

We are fortunate to have a very beautiful church building in the middle of the village. The building has over 800 years of history. The challenge to maintain it gets greater each year as demands on people’s time and money continue to grow. Your money will be used for the maintenance of the building, its heating, lighting and insurance only - it will be used to preserve our heritage.

Who is the  Patronage Scheme for?

Anybody and everyone who wishes to see St Anne's Church continue as a well maintained, warm and welcoming building serving its village community for many generations to come.

What does being a Patron mean?

You choose a memorable date you wish to commemorate and you become "A Patron for the Day" by donating an amount equivalent to a day's running cost of the church building.

Just choose one day out of 365 that you wish to remember a loved one, a  birthday, a wedding anniversary, a baptism, a family occasion or other special event in your life.

The current cost to run the building is £41 per day but donations are not restricted to this amount, neither is the number of days you may wish to select. All giving is of course strictly confidential.

Each year you will receive an update on how the money has been spent as well as being updated on the activities taking place in the church.

What should I do next if I want to be a Patron? 

For more information about the Patronage Scheme, please call Richard Powell on 01246 583375 or send an email 




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