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    Dear Friends

    “Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames”.

    I wonder what your response was when you heard the news. Many people, of all faiths and none, have called for the building to be restored at what will inevitably be an enormous cost.

    It has made me stop and reflect about buildings in general and our own parish church in particular. In some ways I have an ambiguous relationship with church buildings. I worship a God who is not contained within a religious building and can be encountered at the street corner or on a mountain in just as a profound way.

    However, I just wonder if, though God doesn’t need a building, we might. We call Notre Dame an iconic building and that is perhaps what it is, an icon. By that I mean a picture through which we can encounter the living God.

    God is alive and well in each and every place and yet I often meet him in the silence of a quiet church. I pray more easily when I feel that centuries of prayer have soaked into the stone walls. I sense the transcendence of God when a church is filled with music that goes beyond words. The reality that, for generations before me, people who have gone through the joys and struggles of life and have received the sacraments in that same place reassures me. In the stained glass windows we are met with the biblical stories that speak truth in the 21st century as they have done in times past.

    Do we need church buildings? No. However, I believe all, both Christian and non-Christian would be poorer without them. I certainly am grateful for our lovely parish church. Pop in, spend a few minutes and see for yourself.

    Mike Gilbert, Rector of Baslow


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    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to Services & Events for the most up to date information.

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    Julian Group

    This month’s meeting is to be held on Thursday 30 May at 2pm at the home of Mary Johnston “Stonecroft”, Eaton Drive, Baslow. The leader will be Judith Hargreaves.

    If you are able to join us for a quiet reflection time you will be very welcome. Fellowship with tea and biscuits afterwards.

    June Powell 01246 583375

    St. Anne's Choirs

    We warmly welcome new members to our Church Choir and to our Young Voices Choir. 

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    Please follow this link to see photographs of the choir at the Carol Service. Photos

    Church on the Bus

    We have continued to support Church on the Bus with donations of food, clothes, duvets/blankets.

    The bus is parked outside Chesterfield Town Hall on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 8pm to support the homeless. 

    Parish Safeguarding 

    The Church of England is called to share the good news of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. The life of our communities and institutions is integral to how we address this task. The good news speaks of welcome for all, with a particular regard for those who are most vulnerable, into a community where the value and dignity of every human being is affirmed and those in positions of responsibility and authority are truly trustworthy. Being faithful to our call to share the gospel therefore compels us to take with the utmost seriousness the challenge of preventing abuse from happening and responding well where it has.’  HANDBOOK

    Summer Festival

    A Summer Festival will take place,  between the 14 and 29 June 2019.

    This event will be based at St. Anne’s Church and is open to all village residents and their guests to enjoy. 

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    More details to follow next month, but please add these dates to your diary.

    Prayer & Bible Study

    There is a regular prayer and Bible study group that meets in St Anne's Church on Fridays at 3pm. All are welcome.

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    Church Library 

    The St Anne's lending library for books and magazines is available in Church.

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    Planning for the Future

    A project is underway to see if it is possible to progress the mission of St Anne's further by addressing some fundamental questions.

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