• Covid-19 Update

    The PCC continues to review its current position in line with the latest guidelines and out of care for the safety of those attending St. Anne's Church, and the risks that are associated with people gathering together. Of course, recommendations or rules may change. Any amendments to the below will be posted on the Church website. 

    Although the majority of legal restrictions have been lifted, it must be recognised that the hazards of the Pandemic still exist. We must also remember that we may well have vulnerable individuals within our congregation and visiting the church, as well as people who may still be nervous with regard to the potential of infection.

    To offer a place of peace and spiritual support to everyone during these unsettling times, the church will be open during the daytime, with hand sanitizer available and directional signage to enable ease of social distancing for those who still wish to observe it. A Prayer table and Prayer Book is also available which everyone is invited to use.

    Services will take place as scheduled, but with designated areas for those who wish to observe social distancing, on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Everyone attending is asked to wear a face covering in respect for others.

    We continue to offer online services on our St. Anne’s Facebook page for those who do not wish to, or cannot, attend in person. Our church choir is able to rehearse, observing social distancing on a Tuesday evening. Although singing as part of the services is now allowed choir members will wear face masks to limit the risk. 

    Funerals and weddings will take place, in line with current guidance, by arrangement with the Rector.

    We hope, and pray, that you are all safe and well and look forward to welcoming you at St. Anne's. The church is here for all. If you would like to get in touch the phone numbers to use are:

    • the Rector - Mike Gilbert – 07947 092951

    • Churchwarden – Irene Roscoe - 01246 582900 or mobile 07484 201989



    Baslow Harvest Supper is to be held on Saturday 2 October in the Village Hall at 7pm to eat at 7.30pm. We have a limited number of places available. If you would like to join us please phone me - we would love to see you.

    Jo’s Pantry is once again providing a Pie and Pea Supper (gluten free and vegetarian available to order). There will be homemade sweets,entertainment and a raffle. Offers to make a sweet would be very welcome.

    Tickets are £13. Please bring your own drinks/wine/juices and glasses.

    After expenses have been met donations will be made to the Derbyshire Agricultural Chaplain and “Church on the Bus” in Chesterfield.

    St Anne’s Harvest Festival Service is to be held on Sunday 3 October at 9.45am.

    June Powell  01246 583375



  • Calendar

    Tuesday 21st September

    18:30 Church Choir

    Wednesday 22nd September

    18:30 Midweek Evensong

    Thursday 23rd September

    14:00 Julian Group

    Sunday 26th September

    09:45 Morning Prayer

    Tuesday 28th September

    18:30 Church Choir

    Wednesday 29th September

    18:30 Midweek Evensong

    Saturday 2nd October

    Harvest Supper

    Sunday 3rd October

    09:45 Holy Communion

    Tuesday 5th October

    18:30 Church Choir

    Wednesday 6th October

    18:30 Midweek Evensong

    Tuesday 12th October

    18:30 Church Choir

    Wednesday 13th October

    18:30 Midweek Evensong


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    The Rector Writes

    Dear Friends 

    For me some of the abiding images over this summer have been the fires ravaging through great swathes of Greece and the floods that swept through Germany a month or so earlier. It came, therefore, as no surprise that the latest UN report on climate change boldly states that there is no doubt that this is a human induced crisis and there is very little time to do anything about it.  

    How do we respond? 

    It is easy to complain about our British summer and stay in our temperate bubble for a little while longer. It hasn’t impacted us too badly yet so it is tempting to be complacent. Instead, we could be so overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem that we bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away.

    Is there a better way? My Christian faith, which believes in a good God who made this beautiful world and who loved it so much that He gave His Son to die for it, means that doing nothing is not an option.

    I am forced to look at my life and see how I can reduce my impact on this world. I need to do all in my power to persuade our country’s leaders that this is the most important issue of the day requiring brave and decisive action. I also find myself praying more to ask our Father God for help and strength and love to be renewed so that we, the human family, who, at the moment are the problem, might become the solution. 

    God bless

    Mike Gilbert, Rector


    Pop-up Spectaculars

    We have just finished the second year of the “Pop-up”markets in the courtyard of St Anne’s rooms.

    We launched the markets last year as an antidote to lockdown: we all tend to be happier when we have a project and belong to a community. Lockdown had taken both those things away.

    They worked really well and loads of people came. But we were aware that,back then, there was nothing else to do in the whole of Derbyshire. So it was with more than a little trepidation that we decided to repeat the markets this year, competing with so many other distractions.

    The format is simple: fantastic home-made cakes, stalls offering plants, produce, crafts, second-hand books (so many second-hand books!), live music from our own John Trevarick and the Rusty Boys (imported from Eyam). And a fantastic cause in Helen’s Trust/Blythe House Hospice.

    We don’t charge for any of the stalls, we simply ask for donations and hope that people will be generous. We weren’t wrong.

    So many people joined in to make this work: an army of bakers, the ladies from the WI, Baslow Pottery, Joanne’s jewellery, the Garden Society, Vintage Living, Eyam makers, David Thorp (and his produce) and a secret donor of enough children’s toys to fill a house. 

    The weather was (mostly) OK. And most importantly people came – thankyou for turning out and supporting this village event. And you were sogenerous. In the 4 mornings of markets we raised an incredible £2,100 - all of which was donated to Helen’s Trust/Blythe House. Amazing.

    Many thanks to all who took part and had fun doing so. Maybe we’ll do it again next year.

    Rev Graham Duncan, St Anne’s Church



    Church Choir

    Church Choir rehearse in church at 6.30pm each Tuesday for 45 minutes.

    Bel Canto Ladies’ Choir rehearse in church at 8.00pm to 9.30pm on Wednesday evenings during term-time.  

    New choir members are always welcome, so if interested, please telephone Claire on 07515 287222



    Church Library

    Our library facility is temporarily closed to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 


  • Parish Safeguarding 

    The Church of England is called to share the good news of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. The life of our communities and institutions is integral to how we address this task. The good news speaks of welcome for all, with a particular regard for those who are most vulnerable, into a community where the value and dignity of every human being is affirmed and those in positions of responsibility and authority are truly trustworthy. Being faithful to our call to share the gospel therefore compels us to take with the utmost seriousness the challenge of preventing abuse from happening and responding well where it has.

    Safeguarding Concerns

    If you have any concerns over any safeguarding matter, please contact the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Richard Nicholson on 07502 177119 or Member of the Clergy, Revd Mike Gilbert on 07947092951 or the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on 01332 388678.




    Protocols and practice guidance for the Church of England’s Past Cases Review 2, (PCR2) have been published and are on the National Church of England Website

    Individual survivors who wish to make representations to the PCR2 process in the Derby Diocese or who need to come forward with information or make any disclosures regarding church related abuse are encouraged to make direct contact with the Safeguarding Team 01332 388678

    However, recognising that this may not feel safe for those with experience of abuse from within the church, a dedicated national helpline - 0800 80 20 20 - operated independently from the church, by the NSPCC, was set up in September 2019 and remains available.

    Survivors were not invited to contribute to the 2007-2009 PCR and the Church has wanted to ensure a different, trauma informed approach is taken by PCR2. Listening to survivor voices has helped to shape how this review will be conducted. 

    We are now at the beginning of the PCR2 process, this is an independent review to look at all the safeguarding files, historic and current for both adults and children, including all Church officers. The review aims to ensure that wherever concerns have been raised that the cases have been handled appropriately.

    The National Church has given a commitment to undertake a new Past Cases Review (PCR2) which will not only look at all types of harm, both to children and or adults, but will probe much deeper in records or concerns held in parishes, some of which may not have been reported to the DSA. Your vicar (or church warden if in Interregnum) will now have received a letter from +Libby outlining what is required to enable this significant piece of work to be completed. We need to submit the final report to the National Safeguarding team by the end of December 2020. We will be in touch directly with PSOs’ to give the detail of the next step, but it may be helpful if you identify where any parish records are held so that there is less work to do when we ask you for the details. The timescale for responding to PCR2 in the Diocese of Derby is by 31st March 2020.