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St Anne's School

Baslow St Anne's School

Baslow St Anne's is a primary school that Ofsted has described as outstanding. There are close links between the school and the church with the Rector taking weekly assemblies and running a lunchtime JAM club. The School provides an ideal environment for children to develop and learn within a caring, supportive Christian ethos.

Mission Statement

The school's mission statement is: Achieving Excellence Together and aims to:

  • Provide a caring and happy environment for all its pupils.
  • Provide a secure environment where every child can thrive.
  • Encourage children to develop lively enquiring minds and gain independence.
  • Promote self-esteem and emotional well-being
  • Set high standards of attainment for each child so that each one can achieve his or her full potential.
  • Teach children to work together in harmony.
  • Help pupils to understand their role as responsible citizens
  • Promote the physical, spiritual, cultural and moral development of pupils.
  • Develop an awareness and respect for their environment at all levels.
  • Promote partnership between home and school.
  • Encourage its children to develop self-discipline and a sense of responsibility towards others.
  • Encourage aesthetic appreciation of music, art, drama, literature and foreign languages.
  • Foster links with the local community and to work closely with the church in Baslow.

For more information about Baslow St Anne's School and its achievements please visit the school's website