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37 members and friends enjoyed the trip to Lincoln Cathedral where we were welcomed by Alan Wilson, our former Church Warden.


Our guide, Judi Jones, gave us a fascinating tour, explaining the history from 1066, when William the Conqueror commanded Bishop Remigius to build a new cathedral there.  An earthquake in 1185 destroyed most of the original edifice. A Carthusian monk, Bishop Hugh oversaw the re-building, proceeding from East to West. The Gothic arches at the West end were out of true, but had held up for centuries.


We saw the beautiful Dean’s Eye and Bishop’s Eye windows in the transept. Judi also pointed out the “devil’s in the detail”, including a small stone cat carved in the cloister and the famous Lincoln Imp above a pillar in the Chancel. They symbolise the Devil distracting the faithful from prayer. We were taken to see the chained library, containing medieval manuscripts and the Wren Library, housing Michael Honywood’s collection, but there was no time to study the historic cookery books or Don Quixote.


The Dean, the Very Rev Christine Wilson, former Archdeacon of Chesterfield, and Alan hosted a delicious afternoon tea in the garden of the Deanery, where Christine had already planted a colourful herbaceous border. Judi and Alan then showed us round parts of this historic home, including the chapel.  


Afterwards we attended Choral Evensong, at which Christine officiated. It was wonderfully uplifting to hear the singing from St Hugh's Choir, and made a perfect end to a lovely visit.

Many thanks to Christine, Alan and Judi for making us so welcome, and to June Powell for organising the trip.

Mary Johnston

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