Fountain of Life Ministries

The Home of Hope children continue to do well. The staff are secure in their roles and doing a great job. Two new ladies are on board and fitting in well. It was great to take everybody for an excursion when I was last there in March. We and took them to an adventure playground for a boat ride on the lake, to play in the water fountains, then to a traditional craft exhibition centre and finally to the airport to spot aeroplanes. A very busy but stimulating day for little people – they loved it! Since then, it has been the summer and very hot; the children who go to school start early in the morning and finish before lunch to rest. During the summer holidays we ran a holiday club for the children which they enjoyed – with games, colouring and learning songs and memory verses. These they sang over the phone to us back in England! They’ll be back at school in June.

We celebrated the ladies graduating from one of the sewing centres. It was a happy occasion and the newly graduated students were delighted with the sewing machines we gave them. It was a surprise that the ladies in the village provided a meal for us - the students had collected money together for it. We were touched by this act of kindness and appreciation; it was very moving to be served in this way by them – which doesn’t happen too often!

We continue to work closely with the government, for example, we recently provided emergency shelter for a young boy who was found on a train nearby without a ticket, all the way from North India! He was a troubled child who tried to run away from us and we had to invest a lot of time to help calm him down, counsel him and try and find out about his background. He’s now been taken by the authorities to try to reunite him with his own family.

We continue to work towards purchasing a bus – for the HoH family and to transport villagers to events/services on the land. There is quite a bit of investment needed and to develop agricultural projects – fencing, digging bore wells etc. We still hope to install a playpark for the local community.

Sundar and Sarah Pinninty Co-founders, FLM International


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