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    Dear friends

    When did you take your Christmas tree down?

    It seems to me that they seem to go up earlier and earlier and are also taken down very soon after Christmas day. Traditionally all decorations and trees should stay up to the twelfth day of Christmas which is the eve of Epiphany on 5 January.

    This helps us to remember the Epiphany, the festival where we celebrate the journey of the magi, the wise men who came bearing gifts for the infant king. I am particularly fond of this story because it reminds me so much of my journey of faith.

    The magi made a journey. I guess it would have been easy for them to have stayed at home simply star gazing and discussing all the possible ramifications of this peculiar stellar event. When they set out on that journey it changed from being an intellectual exercise to something that involved their whole lives.

    They followed the star, unsure of their destination; but guided by the scriptures they found their way to Bethlehem and Jesus. There they worshipped, giving their gifts to Jesus and the Bible tells us that because of the threat of Herod they went a different way.

    In the same way I had to decide that it could no longer stay as an interesting debate as to whether God existed but it had to be a journey that involved my everything. I wasn’t sure where it would lead me but guided by the Bible and others I found myself being transfixed by the beauty and character of the man, Jesus. I wanted to offer him all that I have and knew that after that encounter I would never be the same and my life would now take a different path. A path that I have never regretted.

    Do have an exciting Epiphany. God bless

    Mike Gilbert, Rector



    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to the schedule of services or our Calendar for the most up to date information.

    Kitting out for Christ

    KoFC Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Church Rooms.

    Please refer to the Calendar for the date of the next KoFC Meeting.

    See our movie.


    Messy Church

    Messy Church is held at St Anne’s normally on the third Sunday of the month at 9.30am.  It is church for families and friends, involving food, friendship and fun.

    Please refer to the Calendar to see the next time you can come and join in.


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  • Singing in our lovely Church

    I was fortunate to be born in our delightful village, at Gorse Bank Farm, and have lived and farmed there all my life.  I was christened in St Anne’s Church and attended the school here too.  I was in the church choir from around 1948 until 1954 and have always loved singing as part of a group.  It was around the 1950's that we had some 50 choristers singing in the church choir under the Choir Master Mr Woodward.  I have also been a member of the Agricultural Christian Fellowship choir.  Richard Powell and Bill Campbell recently asked me to join the new Church choir, ably led by Claire De la Haye.  What a marvellous voice she has and what a pleasure it is to be under her tuition.

    I find it tremendously rewarding singing to God in Church, praising and thanking God through song for this wonderful part of the world in which we live and for the pleasure of singing in our lovely Church.  I don't very often get to morning service, but very much enjoy evensong, and the format hasn't changed in the last seventy years or so.

    As I work on our hard hill farm high above Baslow, working through the seasons, every spring when the grass starts to grow and spring bursts into life after a long hard winter, I feel God is closer to us.  When I assist a sheep with a difficult lambing and pull out a new born lamb from the ewe it will splutter and shake its head, but if it doesn't breath for a couple of seconds, I tickle its nostril with a piece of straw then it will shake and cough into life.  Regardless of how many I have lambed over the last 65 years, each one is a miracle.  The ewe will then nuzzle the lamb to its feet and within minutes the matchstick legs will stumble towards the mother’s teats.  Instinct tells the lamb that it has only one chance to survive, and this relies on it getting hold of the teat with its mouth and sucking.

    When I finally walk around our farmyard just before bedtime, all 500 cattle and 600 or so ewes are all fed and bedded down with straw for the night, there's not a murmur to be heard – perfect silence.  However if there's anything wrong, they'll let me know, and nine times out of ten you can hear a pin drop, and so I can go to bed in peace.

    David Thorp



    The Big Switch-On

    We would like to say a big “thank you” to all those who kindly helped make the Switch-On such a big success this year.

    The school children sang to an absolutely packed church and the short service led by Mel Hartley was well received. The barbeque “Dads” did a great job with the hot-dogs and burgers and an energetic body of helpers made light work of distributing the mulled wine and mince-pies.  Even though no charge was made for any of the food or drink we are pleased to say that the donations received on the night covered our costs.

    We say a big thank-you to the Parish Council who supported the event financially and enabled us, once again, to welcome the Cressbrook Brass Band.  The weather for the evening was perfect and this was supported by the fact that we had a record attendance numerically.

    We should not forget the team who actually put up the lights and made the whole evening possible. All in all it was a great village effort and launched the Winter Festival Weekend in a stylish manner.

    Richard Powell


    Operation Christmas Child - Shoe Box Appeal

    On behalf of the above organisation we would like to thank the people of Bakewell, Baslow and District for all their wonderful contributions towards Operation Christmas Child.

    For the last 17 years myself, my twin sister Judith and a group of very loyal friends, have sent boxes to the appeal. This year everyone worked very hard to send 104 boxes in total.

    This is a great tribute to the commitment of so many people. May we thank you all for the help in preparing the boxes. We would like to thank all the knitters, the people who donated money, wool and so many articles to fill the boxes.

    This year the Christmas boxes are going to Liberia where they will give so much pleasure to many children who may not receive any kind of present at all for Christmas. We feel that at this time of year it is important that we do all we can to support these children.

    The 1st Bakewell Brownies made 25 Boxes which we delivered to Chesterfield and we are very grateful to them for their effort.

    We do not want to rest on our laurels and would be grateful to hear from anyone who feels that they are able and wish to help this worthwhile organisation for next year.

    Judith Twigg & Gene Thorp

    Parish News 2017

    I would like to thank all those involved with the monthly distribution of the Parish News. Jo and her team do a great job undertaking their task in all weathers and it is much appreciated.

    I am pleased to advise you that we will be continuing with the current price structure and am therefore able to confirm that for those who take delivery of the Parish News the cost will remain at £10 for the twelve copies, giving a saving of £2. If you would like to take up the opportunity of this offer please speak with Jo Cartledge on 01246 583650.

    Thank you for your continued support and I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly read. If you have any photos that you feel would look good on the front cover of the Parish News then please e-mail them to me - richardhenrypowell@gmail.com

    Many thanks

    Richard Powell


    Prayer Chain

    If you would like to join our Prayer Chain, praying for a variety of situations, please contact one of our Churchwardens for further information.


    Church on the Bus

    During the year we have supported the “Church on the Bus” project in Chesterfield in a variety of different ways; donating cash, food, clothes, sleeping bags and blankets. As winter sets in your help is desperately needed. If you are able, please leave any non-cash donations at the back of the church and we will gather them up and take them to Chesterfield at the appropriate time.

    If you wish to make a cash donation please contact Richard or June Powell (01246 583375)


    Christian Aid Hungry Lunch

    Wednesday 7 March

    Baslow Village Hall

    12 noon – 2 pm

    Ticket at £5 includes soup, roll, butter,

    cheese, apple and coffee or tea


    Traidcraft stall, cakes, preserves, gifts


    Tickets in advance from:

    June Powell 01246 583375

    Anne Tempest 01246 582230


    Would you be prepared to organise the Annual Road Collection for Christian Aid?  If so, please contact June Powell on 01246 583375


    The Baslow Charities

    Apart from the church itself, the Baslow Charities have the longest continuous theme in the history of Baslow.  In the late 1600s there was recognition of needs in the village and several villagers responded by giving money to “the Curate, the Poor, and the School”. The Charity School had been founded 50 years earlier, and the building still exists as the garage of the house at Stanton Ford, next to the river. The donations still are recorded on boards in the church, in the corner straight ahead from the main entrance.

    The School closed down in 1889, and the Charities Commission stepped in. They created a scheme which determined the allocation of funds and a board of local trustees to supervise. The money was invested in several parcels of land. In the 1920s these were sold and the proceeds invested, first in Consuls and now with the Charities Official Investment Fund.

    The Trustees still meet regularly to distribute the money to Baslow and Curbar schools, the poor of Baslow, and the Vicar (now Rector).  Unfortunately inflation has grossly reduced the original substantial payments but these are still made annually in the proportions specified 300+ years ago. Each school receives a cheque of about £200.

    But the Trustees have a problem. The governing scheme says that some of the money goes to “the Poor of Baslow”. A hundred years ago this took the form of a delivery of coal to a number of residents, and would have been very welcome at the time. Today only a £100 or so is available annualy. Each year the Trustees deliberate about who is poor or in need and would accept such a payment from a charity. An example might be the acute stage of a bereavement or divorce. 

    If you or anyone you know might benefit, please get in touch with the Chairman or the Clerk (strict confidentiality will be maintained)

    In the meantime let us celebrate the History of Baslow and the continuity provided by the Baslow Charities.

    Chairman of Trustees Clerk to the Trustees
    Mike Gilbert, Rector David Dalrymple-Smith

    Hire the Church Rooms

    Are you looking for a venue for your group or meeting?

    Are you looking to host a function or arrange a children's party?

    If so, look no further!

    The St Anne's Church Rooms, situated within the church grounds, are available for hire at reasonable rates. 

    Church Flowers

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to do a simple arrangement of flowers for the church at any time in the year.

    If you are interested please contact me on 01246 582257.

    Thank you

    Angela Swindells


    Patronage Scheme

    Please help support our church and the heritage of our village.

    St Anne's is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family.


    Church on the Bus

    A local charity which provides for the needy and homeless

    Prayer List

    Would you like us to include someone in our prayers at services on Sundays or in our regular prayer meetings at church?

    Fountain of Life

    A Christian charity based in Baslow working in India. Would you like to help?


    Peak Pilgrimage

    Rambling about Ramblings