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    Dear Friends

    This August saw the 70th anniversary of the independence of India from British colonial rule and the partition of India to form two countries and then eventually three, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    The stories being retold seventy years on from 1947 make for chilling reading. The independence of India was initially full of hope. It was a chance for a country that had been ruled by Britain for two hundred years to find freedom and grow as a nation. This hope was shattered within days when Muslims left India for Pakistan and Hindus and others undertook the reverse journey. This mass migration spilt into unimaginable violence, resulting in over one million people killed and fifteen million displaced.

    The tragedy was that neighbours who had lived together peaceably for generations now saw each other as different from them, as enemies and the cause of the problems. Friends turned on friends and neighbours killed neighbours. The tragedy still haunts the two countries to this day.

    Hopefully we will never live through anything as terrible as that.  However, violence and hatred, bitterness and distrust always erupts when we stop seeing people as neighbours with a common humanity, all made in the image of God with differences that we can celebrate.

    We may look at people and fear the unfamiliar and be anxious about the differences but that can be overcome as we look into people’s eyes and see the same hopes and fears as we have and see them as people loved by God and worthy of our respect and kindness. It will make it easier for them to do the same with us and our strange ways. Perhaps the Beatles were right, “all you need is love”.

    God bless

    Mike Gilbert, Rector



    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to the schedule of services or our Calendar for the most up to date information.

    Kitting out for Christ

    KoFC Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Church Rooms.

    Please refer to the Calendar for the date of the next KoFC Meeting.

    See our movie.


    Messy Church

    Messy Church is held at St Anne’s normally on the third Sunday of the month at 9.30am.  It is church for families and friends, involving food, friendship and fun.

    Please refer to the Calendar to see the next time you can come and join in.


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  • Wednesday Morning Communion

    August is a month when most people are thinking about having some sort of a holiday – even Rector Mike and the family went away.

    Morning Communion on Wednesdays was suspended, pending Mike’s return, although those of us who usually meet for this time together were keen to continue meeting to simply pray, meditate on His word and sing God’s praises -  and in this we were greatly helped by having Jennie Smith able to play the church organ so beautifully.

    Times like these are very simple but nevertheless a real blessing. In Matthew’s Gospel chapter 18 and verse 20 the Lord Jesus informs:  

    For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

    This might sound like nonsense. How does Jesus Christ meet with a handful of believers in St Anne’s church Baslow as and when they decide to meet? He meets with all who gather in His name through the Spirit – the Holy Spirit - and there is a real sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit as we gather on Wednesday mornings. 

    If you want to get closer to God why not take a little time out off your day and come and join with us at 10am. You would be very welcome as you would be at any of the various services which are held at St Anne’s.


    St Anne's Church On-Line Bulletin

    Put together by St. Anne’s Church Secretary, David Upton, an on-line Bulletin is something that has been talked about for a year or so.

    On-line Bulletins such as this are a brilliant way of circulating information that needs getting circulated quickly, but on the other hand it is not in any way intended to negate the excellent work done by the Parish Magazine which will still continue to be published, so if you need something circulating at very short notice, by all means consider this as a means of getting the message out, otherwise please continue to make use of the Parish Magazine.

    David Upton


    Church Library

    New lending library for books and magazines in Baslow St Anne’s Church


    Before and after services, and through the week when the church is open. Library will be clearly marked on left as you walk in


    For a maximum of 4 weeks. Honesty book for the details of the book, your name and your contact info (in case someone else needs the book you have borrowed)


    Sue Campbell, Church Warden 0797 1713042

    Ann Mason 07791 562283



    This year’s Harvest Supper will be held on Saturday 7 October in the Village Hall at 7pm (we will eat at 7.30pm).

    There will be a Pie and Peas Supper (vegetarian or gluten free available) with homemade puddings.

    Tea or coffee will also be served. Please bring your own drinks and glasses.

    Entertainment this year will be provided by the Bamford Village Singers.

    Tickets are £10 and there will be a raffle. After expenses have been paid a donation will be sent to the Agricultural Chaplain.

    If you would like to join us please add your name to the list at the back of church. All are most welcome.

    June Powell - 583375


    Friday 1 December

    The Christmas tree lights will be switched on at 7pm on 1 December, the opening event of the Baslow Winter Festival!

    The event will be a similar format to previous years – the School singing in a short church service, the big switch on, then a BBQ, mulled wine, mince pies and the Cressbrook Brass Band at the Church Rooms. 

    Don’t miss it!


    Members of St Anne's Church PCC


    St Anne's Church Choir Welcomes New Members

    We welcome new members who might like to join the church choir.  We rehearse once a week at Tuesday teatime from 6.00pm to 6.45pm, and sing for one choral communion each month, as well as the Palm Sunday, Harvest and Christmas Carol Services.  

    If you would like further details, please call our choir leader: Claire De la Haye on 07515 287222 or email: claire.delahaye@hotmail.co.

    St Anne's has no more need of a dog whipper! An article in the Guardian newspaper describes the strange relic of a long redundant rural occupation.


    Prayer Chain

    If you would like to join our Prayer Chain, praying for a variety of situations, please contact one of our Churchwardens for further information.


    As you will be aware one of the local charities that we support is the “Church on the Bus” project in Chesterfield and Matlock. The future of this project had been in doubt with the Church Army’s support of a full-time evangelist coming to an end but it was re-launched in January on a new, volunteer-led basis. The new team is now working with other Christian organisations in Chesterfield who already work with the homeless and needy to determine how the various projects can work together and how the “Church on the Bus” project can complement the work of these other groups.

    At the heart of these changes remains the wish to reach out to the homeless and needy in Chesterfield, Matlock and surrounding areas. It is recognised that change can be challenging for those directly affected but with the continued support of the dedicated volunteer force 2017 will be an exciting year.

    St. Anne’s will continue to give support to this project and coffee, tea warm clothes are constantly needed. Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

    If you wish to make a cash donation please contact Richard or June Powell (01246 583375)


    Hire the Church Rooms

    Are you looking for a venue for your group or meeting?

    Are you looking to host a function or arrange a children's party?

    If so, look no further!

    The St Anne's Church Rooms, situated within the church grounds, are available for hire at reasonable rates. 

    Church Flowers

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to do a simple arrangement of flowers for the church at any time in the year.

    If you are interested please contact me on 01246 582257.

    Thank you

    Angela Swindells


    Patronage Scheme

    Please help support our church and the heritage of our village.

    St Anne's is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family.




    A dining-room full of members, spouses and friends enjoyed Anne and David Tempest's tea party in July. Steady rain had put paid to holding it in the garden - and may have deterred some members from attending - but it was a fun afternoon. David's quiz challenged us. Jenny Smith and Angela Swindells were the clear winners. The rest of us learned a thing or two in correcting our wrong answers.


    Many thanks to Anne and David for their hospitality and to all who baked the delicious cakes and scones.


    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 12 September at 2.00pm in the Church Rooms where our speaker will be Ann Baldock. Her subject will be “Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery”.


    All are welcome.

    Mary Johnston


    Church on the Bus

    A local charity which provides for the needy and homeless

    Prayer List

    Would you like us to include someone in our prayers at services on Sundays or in our regular prayer meetings at church?

    Fountain of Life

    A Christian charity based in Baslow working in India. Would you like to help?


    Peak Pilgrimage

    Rambling about Ramblings


    The Real Peak Practice

    The photos show a Bel Canto practice in the church coupled with the BBC filming for the Real Peak Practice television programme on the local GPs' activities in the area.