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    St Anne's has no more need of a dog whipper! A recent article in the Guardian newspaper describes the strange relic of a long redundant rural occupation.


    Dear Friends

    Election Fatigue

    Well here goes, another election. I must admit I love them. I get excited by swingometers, pundits, exit polls and all things electoral. I usually end up feeling fairly sleep deprived the day after. However, I know that many people are having creeping election fatigue. Not another one! Someone has suggested that we have a referendum on whether we should have referendums.

    I want to say that our electoral choices matter whichever way you choose to vote. For instance, the Brexit vote will have a far reaching and long lasting impact on all of us in ways that we might be surprised about.

    Outside the political sphere our choices still do matter. For instance, your choices of whom you married (or didn’t) or what job you decided to do, have had a huge impact on your life. Imagine how your life would have turned out if you had made those two choices differently?

    I also want to suggest to you that by far and away the biggest choice you will ever make is not where you put your cross on the paper but where you put the cross of Jesus in your life. Forty years ago I made a decision to becoming a disciple of Christ and that has made all the difference to me. Through the Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May years he has guided, cared, protected and led me. I couldn’t wish for a greater leader.

    With every blessing

    Mike Gilbert, Rector



    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to the schedule of services or our Calendar for the most up to date information.

    Kitting out for Christ

    KoFC Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Church Rooms.

    Please refer to the Calendar for the date of the next KoFC Meeting.

    See our movie.


    Messy Church

    Messy Church is held at St Anne’s normally on the third Sunday of the month at 9.30am.  It is church for families and friends, involving food, friendship and fun.

    Please refer to the Calendar to see the next time you can come and join in.


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  • “I complete my four years as a Foundation Governor at St Anne’s School this term. But “what does a Foundation Governor do” you may ask?

    The Governing Body of a school is made up of a number of different categories of people: the headteacher, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, community representatives and co-opted individuals with specialist skills. A church school also has representatives of the church which initially founded the school and usually owned the land. St Anne’s School, which is a Church of England School, has two Foundation Governors, the Rev Mike Gilbert and me.

    During the past four years I have been able to watch as the school has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of its very energetic headteacher Marie Clark. As a retired headteacher I was asked to sit on the curriculum sub-committee of the governing body and from that vantage point have been able to see how much time and thought has gone into developing the curriculum, teaching resources and assessment methods in order to keep abreast of national guidelines which are constantly changing.

    Governors who come from education backgrounds have always to guard against interfering in the actual running of the school, but rather to see themselves as supporting the headteacher and staff in the exercise of their roles. I have enjoyed working with such dedicated staff who are very professional and caring in all that they do.

    The Foundation Governor is particularly concerned with the moral and religious work which goes on in the school. This is most evident through the formal curriculum and assemblies, but is reinforced by less frequent and more informal aspects of school life such as codes of behaviour, charity work, nativity plays, and passion plays at the school Easter Service in church etc. Visiting the school to see much of this work in action has been a real joy, when the children and staff have always been so welcoming.

    A Christian ethos is evident in the pastoral life of St Anne’s School. It is interesting that in an increasingly secular country, church schools grow ever more popular and St Anne’s School is no exception. Keeping the PCC (Parochial Church Council) informed of how well the school is doing has been a great pleasure, and I wish my successor a very joyful and blessed four years.

    Ruth James


    The Home of Hope children continue to do well. The staff are secure in their roles and doing a great job. Two new ladies are on board and fitting in well. It was great to take everybody for an excursion when I was last there in March. We and took them to an adventure playground for a boat ride on the lake, to play in the water fountains, then to a traditional craft exhibition centre and finally to the airport to spot aeroplanes. A very busy but stimulating day for little people – they loved it! Since then, it has been the summer and very hot; the children who go to school start early in the morning and finish before lunch to rest. During the summer holidays we ran a holiday club for the children which they enjoyed – with games, colouring and learning songs and memory verses. These they sang over the phone to us back in England! They’ll be back at school in June.

    We celebrated the ladies graduating from one of the sewing centres. It was a happy occasion and the newly graduated students were delighted with the sewing machines we gave them. It was a surprise that the ladies in the village provided a meal for us - the students had collected money together for it. We were touched by this act of kindness and appreciation; it was very moving to be served in this way by them – which doesn’t happen too often!

    We continue to work closely with the government, for example, we recently provided emergency shelter for a young boy who was found on a train nearby without a ticket, all the way from North India! He was a troubled child who tried to run away from us and we had to invest a lot of time to help calm him down, counsel him and try and find out about his background. He’s now been taken by the authorities to try to reunite him with his own family.

    We continue to work towards purchasing a bus – for the HoH family and to transport villagers to events/services on the land. There is quite a bit of investment needed and to develop agricultural projects – fencing, digging bore wells etc. We still hope to install a playpark for the local community.

    Sundar and Sarah Pinninty Co-founders, FLM International


    Church Library

    New lending library for books and magazines in Baslow St Anne’s Church


    Before and after services, and through the week when the church is open. Library will be clearly marked on left as you walk in


    For a maximum of 4 weeks. Honesty book for the details of the book, your name and your contact info (in case someone else needs the book you have borrowed)


    Sue Campbell, Church Warden 0797 1713042

    Ann Mason 07791 562283


    St Anne's Church Choir Welcomes New Members

    We welcome new members who might like to join the church choir.  We rehearse once a week at Tuesday teatime from 6.00pm to 6.45pm, and sing for one choral communion each month, as well as the Palm Sunday, Harvest and Christmas Carol Services.  

    If you would like further details, please call our choir leader: Claire De la Haye on 07515 287222 or email: claire.delahaye@hotmail.co.


    Prayer Chain

    If you would like to join our Prayer Chain, praying for a variety of situations, please contact one of our Churchwardens for further information.


    As you will be aware one of the local charities that we support is the “Church on the Bus” project in Chesterfield and Matlock. The future of this project had been in doubt with the Church Army’s support of a full-time evangelist coming to an end but it was re-launched in January on a new, volunteer-led basis. The new team is now working with other Christian organisations in Chesterfield who already work with the homeless and needy to determine how the various projects can work together and how the “Church on the Bus” project can complement the work of these other groups.

    At the heart of these changes remains the wish to reach out to the homeless and needy in Chesterfield, Matlock and surrounding areas. It is recognised that change can be challenging for those directly affected but with the continued support of the dedicated volunteer force 2017 will be an exciting year.

    St. Anne’s will continue to give support to this project and coffee, tea warm clothes are constantly needed. Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

    If you wish to make a cash donation please contact Richard or June Powell (01246 583375)


    Hire the Church Rooms

    Are you looking for a venue for your group or meeting?

    Are you looking to host a function or arrange a children's party?

    If so, look no further!

    The St Anne's Church Rooms, situated within the church grounds, are available for hire at reasonable rates. 

    Church Flowers

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to do a simple arrangement of flowers for the church at any time in the year.

    If you are interested please contact me on 01246 582257.

    Thank you

    Angela Swindells


    Patronage Scheme

    Please help support our church and the heritage of our village.

    St Anne's is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family.


    Baslow Choir Summer Concert 2017

    Come and join us for what promises to be an enjoyable evening of light summer music on Saturday 1 July at 7.30pm in St Anne’s Church, Baslow

    Songs of joy and inspiration from Sibelius, Rutter, Chilcott, Rodgers and Hammerstein and more. Musical Director Andrew Marples, accompanist Carol Reid, with guest soloists Hannah Johnson (soprano) and Nigel Johnson (organ).

    Tickets: £9 for adults and £5 for children available from

    • tickets@baslowchoir.co.uk

    • wegottickets.com

    • Baslow Spar shop and choir members or

    01433 631586


    Church on the Bus

    A local charity which provides for the needy and homeless

    Prayer List

    Would you like us to include someone in our prayers at services on Sundays or in our regular prayer meetings at church?

    Fountain of Life

    A Christian charity based in Baslow working in India. Would you like to help?


    Peak Pilgrimage

    Rambling about Ramblings


    The Real Peak Practice

    The photos show a Bel Canto practice in the church coupled with the BBC filming for the Real Peak Practice television programme on the local GPs' activities in the area.